Active Light

Newport City Council chose Thorn Lighting’s Dark Sky-approved Urba bollard to support its Active Travel deployment in Tredegar Park.

Active Travel is about getting from A to B by walking or cycling; it’s about leaving your car at home and making short journeys either by bike or on foot. In 2020 the British Government invested £2bn in walking and cycling schemes to help level up the country and the drive towards net zero.

Why is active Travel important?

Active Travel is about connecting people with their communities. Newport City Council states that more active Travel means safer, healthier neighbourhoods.

Phil Slade, Newport City Council, comments, “We want people to be proud of where they are from and feel safe walking or cycling around their local neighbourhoods. Active Travel is also about looking after our environment. Every active travel journey you make will reduce our carbon footprint, which will help improve the city’s air quality and protect the environment and the planet for future generations. It also makes it easy to build exercise into your day, which will help your mental and physical health.”

What role does lighting play?

Phil continues, “We want to make active travel options the first choice for Newport residents and are developing new active travel routes and schemes across the city. We’re also working hard to upgrade our existing routes. Our route in Tredegar park – a 4 KM footpath was previously unlit, which was a barrier to people using it at dusk. Therefore, we wanted to create an environment where our residents feel safe while preserving the night sky and limiting the disruption to the nearby wildlife.”

A simple, effective solution 

Tredegar Park is a 90-acre public park in the western Coedkernew area of the city of Newport. Working with Centregreat infrastructure service provider, Newport City Council has installed 350 of Thorn Lighting’s Urba Bollards to illuminate the 4 KM footpath in Tredegar Park.

The International Dark-Sky Association approved bollard’s contemporary charm enchants the area by day and has a gentle impact by night. Its 3000K warm white light and zero upward light reduce the effect of skyglow on the night sky and limit the disturbance of local wildlife.

Helping to encourage Active Travel, the Urba bollards provide just the right amount of light to reassure visitors and create a feeling of safety while cycling or walking along the route.

Phil comments, “It’s a little early for data; however, feedback from the public has been very positive. We have received comments that the luminaires have made a real difference to when they can use the park and have been warmly welcomed in each location they have been installed.”

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