Bury Council become the latest organisation to opt for an environmentally friendly weed control solution

A new ’green’ way of killing weeds with hot water rather than glyphosate has been ordered by Bury Council.

The Multevo Hot Water Weed System uses boiling water rather than traditional herbicides to tackle weeds and can also be used for chemical-free high-pressure cleaning to remove grime, gum, graffiti and general sanitation of street furniture.

Councillor Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment, said: “Many people have expressed concerns about the council using chemicals to tackle weeds, especially around schools and play areas, and want to see chemical-free alternatives used instead.

“I share their concerns, and have therefore ordered this new vehicle as part of our review into the use of herbicides and pesticides. It will enable us to keep the borough tidier in a much greener way.

“The machine can also be used to remove chewing gum and mosses and algae from surfaces so can also keep our town centres looking nicer.

“This is another part of Bury’s climate change commitment, alongside decarbonising council vehicles as much as possible and reducing energy use.”

Multevo are the sole UK supplier of Waterkracht’s range of hot water weed control equipment who have been manufacturing this type of equipment since the early 1990’s.

The equipment requires absolutely no additives to kill weeds and works by delivering an efficient low-pressure treatment accurately at 98°C to kill the cellular structure of the root using Waterkracht’s Boiling Hot water Technique®.

“We’re really pleased to see yet another council opt for our environmentally friendly weed control solution and wish them every success. We understand the pressures some councils are facing when it comes to chemicals and are confident that we can provide them with a cost effective and sustainable solution which will still provide productive outputs.” – Josh Sweeney, Director of Marketing & Growth.

Having recently hosted a successful live virtual demonstration of the equipment, Multevo are inviting those organisations looking to minimise the use of chemicals to get in touch to discuss trial hire or demo opportunities.

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