Case Study: Using Attraxor for growth regulation and Poa annua management.

Case Study: Using Attraxor for growth regulation and Poa annua management.

  • Growth suppression and control of Poa seedheads
  • Increased smoothness and trueness leading to superior playability

After using Attraxor at a previous site, Golf Courses Manager Darren McLaughlan knew well the benefits it would bring – which is why he has been using it on the course at Trump Turnberry in Ayrshire, Scotland, for a full season.

Darren said: “I have been using Attraxor now for three years at a previous site, so I was keen to introduce it to the greens at Trump Turnberry. We have used it for growth regulation and to manage Poa annua seedheads, to improve ground smoothness and playability.”

Trump Turnberry is a world-renowned bucket list golf destination. Home to the famous Ailsa course and host of four Open Championships, the resort consists of two 18-hole courses and one 9-hole course. The legendary 7,489-yard, par-71 Ailsa course is known for its tough opening holes and picturesque views, near the southwest Scottish shores. The quality and standard of the golf green is vital to the site upkeep and reputation.

Darren said: “We recorded growth suppression of average 33 per cent as measured by clip rate, so it’s clear that the use of Attraxor plus natural environmental factors have significantly reduced top growth. The active prohexadione calcium shrinks the Poa seedhead leading to far more consistent ball roll, improved smoothness, and a slight increase in green speed!

“Playability metrics such as green speed and bobble test rating increased dramatically after one application. Our members have also commented on the difference in the greens and the improvement in their play since we began using Attraxor.”

Darren said that the use of Attraxor over time will also allow him to save money and labour on the greens, with the reduction in clip rate meaning less fuel and manpower would be needed for consistent upkeep.

He said: “This product is a must for any course with even small amounts of the annual biotype of Poa in their sward. Seedheads are our biggest source of irritation when it comes to
performance testing during the transition from winter to spring and more common these days even into summer.

Attraxor significantly improved the performance of our putting surfaces which resulted in a better product for our customers.

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