Collier Turf Care and Olmix Plant Care: partners to distribute Marathon® ALGAE organo- mineral fertiliser in the UK

Both companies announce their partnership to develop the sequential release organo-mineral fertiliser Marathon® ALGAE, on sport pitches in United Kingdom.

“Olmix is delighted with the partnership with Collier Turf Care!” enthuses Geert Bakker, Olmix Territory Manager for the Northern European Turf and Amenity markets. “Collier Turf Care is a fast-growing company with highly dedicated teams, strong in service to their clients, technical and market knowledge and has a very good presence on social media. We are more than happy to introduce the Marathon® ALGAE range together with them and set up a long-term relationship.

The French company Olmix, a specialist in biosolutions and nutritional solutions for plant care, designs, produces and markets via a network of distributors a range of bio-sourced solutions for agriculture and the sports turf and green spaces market. The company’s UK positions have been strengthened since the 2018 acquisition of Micromix Plant Health, based in Langar, Nottinghamshire, which specialises in biostimulants and foliar nutrition.

Feeding and preserving turf: the battle of Marathon®

In the field of sports turf fertilisation, the French company has built up a certain reputation with its range of sequential-release organo-mineral fertilisers Marathon®, which is well known to golf course and sports pitches managers. Thanks to its patented XSER® technology, the Marathon® range allows gentle management of turf nutrition, with a gradual release of nutrients into the soil solution, up to 12 weeks after application of the product. The advantages of Marathon® are that it promotes tillering and grass density rather than excessive or uneven growth, while limiting mineral losses through leaching and the risk of groundwater pollution.

Another advantage of Marathon® is its organic component. Indeed, the incorporation of reactive organic matter with a low C/N in Marathon formulas, stimulates the microbial activity of the soil and accelerates the decomposition of mowing residues, the accumulation of which forms a layer of thatch that is conducive to the asphyxiation of plants and the development of diseases.

Seaweed extracts to promote soil life

Constantly innovating its ranges, Olmix continues to improve the performance of the Marathon® range. Among these innovations: the incorporation of dry seaweed extracts (called SEADRY®), rich in specific sugars (marine sulphated polysaccharides) and rare trace elements like vanadium. SEADRY® has the particularity of developing root mycorrhization (symbiotic association between plant roots and soil fungi) which enhances the nutrition of the turf, particularly in phosphorus and trace elements. This SEADRY® innovation complements the XSER® technology that has made Marathon such a success, and now renamed Marathon® ALGAE!

Another new feature: the improved particle size of the Marathon® ALGAE formulas. Now produced entirely in the group’s Dutch factory in Rogat, the Marathon® ALGAE range has benefited from industrial investments to ensure volumes in a growing market and the quality required by demanding professionals. These industrial adaptations make it possible to deliver two types of granules to customers: a SPORT pellet of 2 – 4 mm and a GOLF micro granule of 0.7 – 2 mm. Olmix pays particular attention to the quality of its products in order to guarantee users good spread conditions and rapid disaggregation of the granules for perfect efficiency.

Geert Bakker highlights the relevance of the Marathon® ALGAE range to the UK market: “Sports pitch managers in the UK are top professionals, looking for the best solutions to ensure the quality of their grounds. With the Marathon® ALGAE range and our partnership with Collier Turf Care, we can meet the growing demand from these professionals for effective and more environmentally friendly solutions. Marathon® ALGAE has proven itself on many of Europe’s top sports pitches and there is a strong market demand for this range.”

Managing Director Andrew Harding and his team at Collier Turf Care Ltd are excited about the new Olmix partnership and particularly the opportunity to advise, promote and sell the Marathon brand throughout the UK: “The new improved granulation of Marathon with added algae offers many benefits to UK sports facilities, and our UK trials have highlighted many positives with great results. We are confident once used our customers will keep using.”

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