ECHO launches largest professional chainsaw

ECHO has introduced a new professional chainsaw, the CS-7310SX, which is the largest in the current range and features a low emission, premium-grade 73.5cc engine with an output of 4.1kW. A heavy-duty, rear handle chainsaw the CS-7310SX is part of the ECHO X Series which designates it as a best-in-class product and as such it’s packed with features designed to increase the productivity of the professional user. ECHO says they have built this for the many arborists and landscapers using these types of saws regularly to fell large trees. They add that the professional-grade ECHO 2-stroke engine is designed and manufactured in Japan to the highest possible standards, delivering powerful cutting with low emissions and noise levels. There is no question it generates massive torque and provides exceptional cutting performance for heavy-duty felling. And yet it is a lightweight and well-balanced saw, weighing in at only 6.8kg (dry weight) and featuring an ergonomic and robust construction to meet the challenges of professional felling and forestry work.

ECHO X Series products are often industry-leading in terms of power and performance and the CS-7310SX lives up to this reputation with a tradition of testing in the most extreme conditions to ensure flawless operation. For the professional who relies on their tools day in and day out the saw is packed with beneficial features. A magnesium starter housing more efficiently disperses heat generated by the engine and the G-Force air pre-cleaner reduces its exposure to dirt and debris. Together with the centrifugal separation dust-free system that means less maintenance and longer life. Starting is easy with the decompression valve and the heavy-duty aluminium handle has a secure rubber grip offering reduced vibration in the hand. Drop prevention nuts to the side casing mean the nuts can’t be lost during maintenance. Dual bumper spikes give you better control when sawing through stumps and thicker branches, while a rotating plastic chain catcher protects the user from potential injury and prevents chain damage. Fuel level is easily monitored with the translucent fuel tank.

Weighing up the CS-7310SX you can say it is a true professionals’ saw backed by the ECHO reputation for durability built-up over 70-years of manufacturing. The saw comes with a 2-year professional or 5-year domestic warranty. Find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer. You can also visit or call 01844 278800 for more information