Experience Robotic Line Marking on the Turf Tank UK Roadshow

Turf Tank is taking robotic line marking on the road with five dates across England, starting at Manchester University on 7th July.


The roadshow will also visit Bournemouth and Leeds universities on 12th and 19th July, Liverpool Football Club’s Melwood Training Ground on the 20th, and finish at Surrey University on the 26th.


Live demonstrations will take place, including the Turf Tank One’s set-up, programming and operation along with the base station. Any questions can be answered during every stage, and lunch and refreshments will be provided during the demonstration, with games and prizes also on offer.


Having already completed two dates in Belfast during May, Turf Tank UK Country Manager, Matt Murray, is looking forward to welcoming people to the roadshows in England.


“Over two days in Belfast, meeting people and showing them what the robot can do was fantastic,” Matt explains “I think the real benefit of people coming to a location similar to their own is they can see how the robot can work for them, how it can handle their conditions and ultimately, how seamless the process is.


“It’s also an excellent opportunity to ask any questions they might already have about robotic line marking, how the GPS side of things works or anything that comes up during the day.


“We like to keep it fairly informal, and everything is based outside on the turf, so it’s a solid four-hour session that people get a lot from.”


Free online registration is now open for every venue, and alex@turftank.co.uk or matt@turftank.co.uk can answer any questions regarding the events.