Ford Ranger Fleet Drives Campey Customer Service

As the post-COVID market approaches, Campey Turf Care systems has ensured their Product Specialists stay on the road with a new fleet of Ford Rangers.


Campey has successfully navigated what has been a difficult time for the industry and has strived to keep providing outstanding customer service and support in accordance with changing regulations over the last 18 months.


Now, the company is looking forward to restrictions ending, and with the anticipation of higher demand, has ensured Product Specialists will always reach customers with the fleet of eight new vehicles.


Providing on-site support has always been a cornerstone of the Campey experience, from machinery recommendations to installations, and the importance of those visits to the end-users is often highlighted.


Maintaining that contact during the pandemic whenever possible was crucial for grassroots and professional clubs alike as they continued to work. Working tactfully during this time ensured Campey maintained their existing markets while concentrating on a sharp increase of interest in the second-hand market, a sector that Campey, while already established in focused on to meet the constantly changing requirements of customers.