‘Good things come in small packages’ has never been truer than when discussing the TYM T194 compact utility tractor. Packed with all the key features and functions of a larger tractor but in a neat and compact package, the T194 truly offers the best of both worlds.


Delivering power, productivity, versatility and efficiency, the T194 has been designed with simplicity and practically in mind. The 19hp Yanmar three-cylinder engine packs a punch and gives you all the power you need, while its 650kg weight means it’s light enough to avoid damaging turf.


Its powerful HST transmission includes the fatigue busting ‘auto throttle’ system which conveniently links the HST pedal to the engine throttle. Equipped as standard with a 54-inch mid-mounted deck, with cutting heights from one to four inches, mowing heights can be adjusted from the operator’s seat via the onboard height-of-cut lever which is easy and intuitive to set. Plus, the T194 can also be specified with a front loader, further enhancing the uses for this small but powerful machine.


For customers looking to do more, the tractor comes with category one three-point linkage and 540 rpm rear PTO which allows for numerous rear-mounted attachments to be fitted and enabling it to be used for other tasks such as sweeping and aerating.


This is all topped off with a simple and easy to understand dash panel that gives the operator an overview of all the tractor’s functions, in addition to the overall control layout which has been designed with user operation in mind, for seamless and easy control.


The customer reviews for the T194 speak for themselves. The T194 was recently praised as being “instrumental” in the management of Douglas and Alex Chalmers’ Nags Head Farm in Cumbria.


“We use the tractor around three times a week, and it’s been instrumental in getting jobs done around the farm; we would have really struggled without it,” says Douglas.


“It’s a bit like Goldilocks. Not too big, not too small, but just right. Any bigger and it would be impractical as it wouldn’t be able to manoeuvre between the trees we have. Any smaller and it wouldn’t have the power to work on our hilly and boggy areas. It’s also very user-friendly and easy to operate, which is great.”


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