Since 1990, Groundsman Industries have be developing their unique range of grass maintenance machines and accessories for maximum performance and durability.

On display the Turf Multi Cutter range offering excellent cutting ability and traction in all conditions with smooth operation and operator comfort. Two and four wheel drive and rear blade option for consistent sod thickness even on rolling terrane as well accommodating a wide range of blades and attachments. Guillotine and Sod Rolling attachments are now available to chop and roll the sod in pre-set lengths.

Groundsman Tractor Mounting and Pedestrian Aerators all use Groundsman’s proven rugged Elliptical Plunge Action mechanism for aeration down to 15cm depth with minimal surface disruption. Quick-change tine-holders switch between Solid, Chisel, Hollow and Cluster Tines for aeration, thatch removal or over-seeding.

The new SpeedPro Tractor mounting range aerate down to 20cm deep at 50m/min without surface disruption making them the ideal hybrid machine for needle tining on greens and for heavy spiking on fairways and out-fields.

The Flexblade Collector attachment is available for most aerators as well Groundsman to Core and Collect in one pass or for use independently for Follow-up Collection of Cores or Linear Aeration Soil.