Laser Grader – the ultimate contractors tool for efficiency and pinpoint accuracy

Over many years, the Laser Grader has established itself as one of the most accurate graders available – giving contractors the precision and finish required for any modern sports pitch install. Since it’s integration into the Redexim Landscaping portfolio, the Laser Grader has been re-engineered for strength, to deliver pinpoint accuracy on even the most demanding of ground conditions.

The Laser Grader is available in three working widths from 1.5m to 2.4m, each fitted with twin Danfoss proportional valves and a rear 4-wheel frame, with each pair of wheels controlled independently giving the option for single or dual grading. The set-up of the grader means it can accept any make of laser equipment, with Redexim able to supply compatible equipment to accurately grade a surface to a tolerance of plus or minus 2mm. Models are also fitted with ripping tines for the loosening of heavily compacted ground.

ETC Sports Surfaces have been a provider of sports pitch construction, installation and maintenance works for over 30 years and purchased a Laser Grader 1500 just over two years ago. ETC Managing Director Simon Wells explains how it has been fundamental on nearly every project they’ve undertaken. “Getting that final level spot on is arguably the most important part of any job, whether we’re working on a tennis court, hockey pitch or brand-new football install. The precision grade that the Laser Grader gives, provides the perfect base for the next stage of the installation project.”

“For us, it’s about both accuracy and efficiency. A single tennis court could take a whole day to level manually with a digger, a task which can be completed in just an hour with the Laser Grader! On some recent 3G pitch installs we’ve completed, we’re getting the final grading done in less than a day.” Simon concludes, “It really is a brilliant bit of kit, so simple to use and one of the best labour-saving machines we’ve ever purchased.”