Made for every slope…. The NEW Z9 from Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet has launched its new top of the range Z9 183id zero-turn. Proven by landscape professionals the Z9 will fulfil all your commercial requirements.

With extremely wide double wheels, the Z9 has been developed to effortlessly tackle even the steepest slopes up to 25° / 46%.


The ability to control all four wheels with a steering wheel and steerable front wheels, an exclusive offering by Cub Cadet in the commercial sector, minimises the turf being churned up by the wheels as it would on a lap bar zero-turn. The patented SyncroSteer technology means that even the less experienced operators can benefit from the ease of use and amazing manoeuvrability of this machine.

The Z9 reduces mowing time by up to 10% compared to lap bar mowers, provides greater hillside stability, enhanced traction on uneven terrain as well as mowing in straighter lines.

It powers through the thickest grass in one pass at maximum speeds of up to 12mph meaning you can do the job quicker. The high lift Marbain blades with a blade tip speed up to 18,500 fpm and the 3” total blade overlap will ensure that you always get a tight consistent cut. The frame and axle on the Z9 floats as the machine moves, allowing the multi-reinforced steel deck to follow the shape of the terrain and avoid scalping. The cutting deck can be adjusted at the touch of a button.


The Kawasaki EFI engine provides the consistent power you need to get the job done and maximise your work-day – reducing the downtime which could cost you both time and money. The petrol engine benefits from having lower emissions and reduced fuel usage.


Comfort is at the forefront of the machine’s design. Your operators can experience a smooth ride all day long thanks to the exclusive air-cushioned seat and isolated dampening system on the Z9 – meaning they are working in vibration-controlled comfort, lessening downtime for your business. Angled back adjustments, padded armrest and lumbar support give added protection.


Ideal for commercial users and owners of large properties with challenging slopes, the Z9 has everything and more that you would expect from a quality professional machine – ultimate performance, comfort and durability that delivers a fast, premium cut time and time again.

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