Moasure’s Patented Technology Transforms How Professionals Work

Moasure’s patented technology transforms how professionals work, enabling rapid and simultaneous measurement and drawing. By simplifying the measurement of challenging shapes and spaces, Moasure empowers grounds management experts to adopt a new approach with real-time data viewable on their devices.


This innovative tool allows users to draw, capture in 3D, factor in gradients, elevations and calculate areas effortlessly, even around obstacles. Moasure provides accurate surface area and volume calculations, aiding in material ordering.


Measurements captured by Moasure can be quickly transferred to CAD software or exported to a PDF document to share with clients or colleagues.


Save hours of time with Moasure—the intelligent way for grounds management professionals to measure complex spaces.


With tens of thousands of users globally, Moasure is rapidly becoming the preferred replacement for traditional measuring tools.


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