Playgrounds and sports fields pose a unique challenge for those responsible for maintain them

The grass on the field needs to be tough to handle a lot of wear and tear, look nice, and not cost too much to keep in good shape. People who take care of the field can use RootVita® to help with these jobs.

RootVita® is a natural product designed to nourish and strengthen plant root systems. This innovative All-In-One formula enhances tolerance to both biotic and abiotic stresses, facilitating improved nutrient uptake and ultimately leading to improve plant health.

RootVita® is a unique blend of biofertilisers, mycorrhizae, plant growth-promoting rhizosphere microbes (PGPR microbes), nutrients and vitamins.

Effectiveness of RootVita®

RootVita® has significantly improved turfgrass performance, enhancing turf density and the quality of root and shoot systems. This results in denser and healthier turf, improving aesthetics and sustainability, ultimately delivering a better playing surface or appearance.

RootVita® has made a significant impact when it comes to enhancing the overall health of the turf. It has not only helped in reducing stress but also improved the uptake of nutrients and had a positive influence on both the shoot and root systems.

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