Revolutionizing Turf Care: The Eco Clipper Journey

Since 2002, Syb Leijenaar and his companies have transformed turf care, starting with the pioneering GC5. This electric mower, with a remarkable cutting width of 10 metres, emerged from our ambition to improve on traditional cylinder mowers in turf production. Our goal was simple but ambitious: to match the precision cutting of cylinder mowers while eliminating their high maintenance costs and sensitivity to challenging mowing conditions, such as wet grass and weeds.

Fast forward to today, and our flagship model, the Eco Clipper TM14, represents a significant leap forward. With a 14.11-meter cutting width, it offers 40% more efficiency than the GC5, yet remains compatible with the same range of tractors (minimum 100 hp, ideally 130 hp on flat terrain). This compatibility underlines our commitment to practical innovation.

The Eco Clipper’s impact on mowing economics is profound. By combining a wider cutting swath with increased mowing speed, we halve the mowing costs compared to traditional methods. This efficiency is a product of reduced labor and tractor hours. Moreover, the Eco Clipper’s drive efficiency not only saves on fuel but also reduces consumption to an impressive 0.2 to 0.4 litres per acre.

Beyond cost savings, the Eco Clipper excels in capacity and cutting quality, making turf care not just economical but enjoyable. Our range isn’t limited to large models for turfgrass growers; we also cater to parks and sports grounds maintenance. Municipalities and contractors praise the Eco Clipper FM4 Sport for its 4.11-meter cutting width, cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and resilient cutting quality in various weather conditions and terrains.

An added advantage is the quiet operation of our electrically driven blades. This feature not only saves fuel and reduces maintenance needs but also minimises noise pollution for operators, bystanders, and local residents.

Discover the full potential of the Eco Clipper mowing systems and explore our diverse model range at, or ask our UK dealer Vanmac Ltd.