SCAG Windstorm Leaf Blower ticks a lot of boxes

The SCAG Windstorm, supplied by STM Co Ltd, is a stand-on high-power cyclone leaf blower. With an engine size of 37HP you can see that the expression “high-power” is not used lightly. The stand-on configuration was developed for the SCAG V-Ride grasscutting range and has proved very successful as a format for ease of transport, visibility and manoeuverability.

One such machine has been bought by Eric Gilbert for his Landscaping and grounds maintenance company. These machines are, as can be judged from the picture, quite an investment – but Eric has no trouble justifying it – and not just on financial grounds.

The quoted performance figure for the Windstorm is 6000cfm and there are several quotes as to how this translates into time saved, for example: 6 men clearing leaf debris on a holiday park in 30 minutes turns into one man in 20 minutes.

Eric himself, working on big properties, has seen a whole day’s intricate work by two people reduced easily to one man in two hours.

And when you think of full day’s work wearing a backpack blower you can see a further advantage as regards wear and tear on the operator, as Eric did himself, having had a back injury in the past. Not only are you not walking about wearing a backpack, you are riding on the machine, with its comfortable sprung operator stand.

Also Eric had also found additional benefits. Where it is requested that grass cuttings are not left behind and the property set-up allows – the Windstorm can blow the cuttings away!

He has also used it to great effect to clear light powdery snow, making it a machine for all year; and if impacted snow clearance is required, a snow blade can be fitted to his SCAG SWZ pedestrian mower.

A man who has been using SCAG machines for years he was already a convert – and now even more so, with evidence both physical and financial to support his purchase of the SCAG Windstorm.



The machines are available through the STM dealership network. To find your nearest dealer ring 01789 488450, email or look at our website