There’s nothing to beat the APEX zero-turn

The latest Ariens APEX zero-turn mower spells increased productivity and greater profitability for the commercial operator, says Ariens. It’s a claim that can be wholly backed up when you consider the features and benefits of this high-quality machine. Now refreshed for the 2020/21 season, the model’s redefined features rightly take it to a leading place in the UK’s fast-growing zero-turn market.  Take a good look at what’s under the bold exterior.

The sheer speed at which you can cut grass compared to other types of ride-on mower would be enough in its favour but there is a lot more worth considering when you’re choosing a zero-turn. As a family-owned brand, Ariens has built on a reputation for engineering excellence and it is evident in the way the APEX is constructed with well-crafted components, Hydro-Gear® transaxles and a hardy deck. Its speed and ability to turn on its axis mean users can expect to cut mowing time in half. Perfect when you need to get to your next job.

The APEX features an industry-leading frame design, with large formed tubular frame rails serving as the backbone to support the loads of the machine. Most important in the list of commercial-grade features is the 10-gauge welded cutting deck design. You get a highly durable 14cm (51/2”) deep deck with a reinforced leading-edge providing the airflow you need to tackle tough mowing conditions. The APEX boasts 15 cutting positions in 0.6cm (1/4”) increments, effortlessly chosen with the vertical dial selector. Models available: APEX 48 with a 122cm (48”) cutter deck or the APEX 52 with a 132cm (52”) cutter deck.

The constant belt tension system ensures correct belt tension, minimising wear and heat while providing enhanced belt life with minimal adjustments. There is also little effort required in lifting the cutting deck since the APEX has a foot-operated deck lift system, which is ideal for travelling over paths and gravel areas. When you are covering the ground at speed, and the APEX travels forwards at 8mph, you need large tyres for superior traction while moving gently across lawns and grassed areas without scuffing. Even in reverse, it will do 4mph. Not that you need to reverse often since the beauty of zero-turn is just that, At the end of each pass the APEX can turn 180° in its footprint and begin the next pass. Manoeuvring around difficult obstacles has never been easier so you’re saving a substantial amount of time, and money.

Ariens puts operator comfort high on the pre-requisite list with a high back seat, and padded armrests. For operator protection, a Rollover Protection System can be added to the frame. Power comes from a reliable, premium-grade Kawasaki V-Twin 726cc engine. The APEX demonstrates Ariens’ confidence in its product with a 4-year or 500 hours commercial warranty and the machines are built in the UK for the growing domestic and European markets in zero-turn mowers. So, you can have full confidence in the after-sales and support through the network of Ariens dealers.

The combination of zero-turn mowing with high durability puts the APEX at the forefront for increased productivity and profitability for the commercial operator. It’s well worth looking into. For more information visit your local dealer or go to