STAR electric utility vehicles add to the customer experience at holiday park


Customer experience and satisfaction are the ultimate priorities for Three Cliffs Bay, a five-star holiday park on the Wales Coastal Path, which is why it has chosen three battery-powered utility vehicles from STAR EV to ensure the quiet, clean, unobtrusive operation of its luxury site.


Offering caravan parking, glamping, camping and yurts, this large holiday complex in Gower, South Wales, originally needed one vehicle to collect ashes from fire pits. When it received its first Capella HCX, market-leading when it comes to towing capacity and the amount of payload it can handle, the machine quickly established its reputation for quiet motoring and a productive performance, and another was ordered.


Then recently the site’s third vehicle arrived, this time the Capella Lifted which is ideal for off-road load carrying situations.


Tom Beynon, owner of Three Cliffs Bay, says: “Our utility vehicles form an essential and major part of the business and how well it runs. Up until now of course, they’ve always been petrol which for the business we’re in wasn’t ideal. It’s really important to us that the running of the site goes unnoticed by our guests, many are residing under canvas and all are enjoying our natural environment just a short walk from the infamous Three Cliffs Bay.


“These machines have proved to us very quickly that they can take on all the tasks we need them to without any difference in productivity to their petrol counterparts and without disturbance. We use them for rubbish collection and recycling. The big, strong cargo area at the back of the Lifted and the fact that we can add a trailer means it’s become part of our gardening arsenal too.”


In fact, Tom’s been so impressed that he has plans for expanding the job requirements of  the Capella Work Machines: “We use these machines already for transporting guests and their luggage around the site, but I’m really interested in taking that a step further and hiring them out to guests for the duration of their stay. They’ve proved themselves to be such good vehicles – easy to drive, comfy to use and they look good – and it would be another selling point for our guests to stay at the park.”


So how did Tom come to hear about STAR EV? “I found out about the brand at the Leisure Transport Show at Birmingham NEC last year,” he explains. “I went with new utility vehicles at the top of the shopping list and distributor Reesink e-Vehicles was by far the most helpful with our queries at the show and gave us lots of time going through the options available.


“Then our STAR dealer in the area – Terry Harrison Machinery – took over and the experience has been equally as positive. Terry’s business delivers a good combination of being small enough to still have that family feel and deliver a high level of customer service and help, but is also big enough to get things done quickly.”


When machinery and guests coexist, the best thing a utility vehicle can bring to a holiday park, whose very business depends on creating a positive and pleasurable customer experience, is to be seen but not heard. STAR EV has proved this point three times to Three Cliffs.


To talk to Reesink e-Vehicles about STAR EV, call 01480 226800 or go online at