TriCure AD™ keeps the greens green at Wexham Park Golf Centre!

As the UK scorches in some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded, the greens at Wexham Park Golf Centre are… well, green, thanks to TriCure AD™ from Headland Amenity! Course Manager Tom Evans has praised the multi-molecular soil surfactant for retaining condition and presentation on the venue’s 27 greens – citing both a reduction in the amount of hand-watering required and, in turn, an increase in available water to maintain other areas of the site.

Three and a half years into his tenure as Course Manager, Tom is currently overseeing a major redevelopment project at the Buckinghamshire club alongside his team of six greens staff. He explains, “No two days are the same and the weather is certainly throwing more challenges into the mix for us. There’s no doubt we’re seeing more of these prolonged periods of hot and dry weather, and that’s when I’m really grateful that we’ve got a solid regime in place with TriCure AD™.”

“Over the years I’ve trialled various wetting agents, but TriCure is the one I keep coming back to – applied at 10L/hectare, monthly, between April and the end of September.” The ‘Tri’ of TriCure AD™ represents the three active surfactant chemistries which work together to help prevent and cure hydrophobic conditions. This combination enhances efficiency over single molecule wetters, treating all types of rootzone particles at much lower rates (like for like) than competitor products.

“This year, more than any other, we’ve noticed just how well it’s working. It has seen us through a dry spell in April/May and again now in the July heatwave, keeping the greens where we want them to be with barely any hand watering needed. We have also, this year, trialled using TriCure on one of our tees with great results. Hopefully, budget permitting, this can be factored into our programme in coming years which will be a major step forward for us in being better equipped cope with these more frequent hot conditions.”

Tom continues, “Like a lot of clubs our water supply is limited. In previous years the water to the tees has been turned off because of how much was required to keep the greens in good shape. That hasn’t been necessary this year, and that really is testament to the effectiveness of the TriCure AD™.”

TriCure AD™ is available in liquid, granular and pellet form, for accurate dosing through hose end applicators and offers cost-effective multi-rate use on all types of sports turf surface.