Winter’s garden tractor

As any owner will tell you, a Countax garden tractor is not only a mower, it’s an all-year-round machine that makes winter’s chores a lot easier. Countax builds them tough and durable for that reason and offers a range of accessories to see you through the winter months. Using the tractor’s Power Take-Off (PTO) to drive powered accessories it becomes an invaluable utility machine.  One of the most useful is the broadcast spreader for easily spreading salt or grit on icy surfaces. It’s a must-have tool in the depths of winter to keep paths and driveways ice-free, featuring an adjustable flow rate and a hopper that holds up to 50kg of granular material.

Fitted with a front-mounted snowblade and a set of chevron tyres, the Countax becomes a formidable force in quickly clearing snow from your paths and drive. It has a tough, rubber-tipped edge on the snowblade designed to clear snow without damaging a concrete or tarmac surface. Hours of hard shovelling are reduced to a few minutes sitting on your tractor. The Countax dealer fits a mounting frame and yoke to the tractor and from there on it’s easy to fit and remove. It’s important to be prepared for what the winter might throw at you and have the accessories fitted in advance, so you don’t get caught out.  It will certainly pay to have the snowblade at the ready for those sudden cold blasts and heavy snow.

Chevron tyres are a good idea for extra grip on slippery ground and they are available for Countax C, B, and A Series. Sizes vary, for the C and B Series pair they are 45.7cm (18”) and the A Series pair 58.4cm (23”). The 4TRAC four-wheel drive tractors offer plenty of grip in snow and icy conditions but for a very harsh winter, chevron tyres can be used. These are factory fit only as the tractor has to be re-calibrated.

Even the toughest built accessories need looking after to ensure their longevity so it’s wise to make sure the spreader and snow blade are cleaned of salt to help prevent corrosion. It’s a fact that Countax painted components have surpassed 500 hours of continuous salt spray exposure without corrosion. But it’s also a wise person who uses a Countax tractor cover designed to protect it when not in use and stored in a garage or outbuilding. When the winter tasks have been performed it’s time to get the tractor serviced by the dealer, says Countax. So it is good and ready for the first spring cut and summer work as a mower, scarifier and general workhorse. Find out more by contacting Countax on 01844 278800 or visit to find your local dealer.