Earthworms are vital for maintaining healthy soil. By continuously moving soil, worms loosen and aerate it, aiding water infiltration. And, when earthworms feed on nutrients in the soil, the waste products they leave provide valuable fertilisation.


But despite the benefits, earthworms create big problems for greenkeepers.


As they expel waste, earthworms leave small worm casts on the soil’s surface. These tiny mounds affect ball movement on golf courses and look unsightly. During milder months, worms are more active near the surface, and these soil casts can mount up, creating more work for greenkeepers.


Up until 2019, greenkeepers had a simple way to tackle worm casts. However, since Carbendazim was banned due to the potentially toxic effects it has on the human reproductive system, no clear chemical solution has emerged to replace it.

How Worm Casts Affect Cylinder Mowers

Worm casts are not just an inconvenience. As a greenkeeper, worm casts cause several other issues, particularly when using cylinder mowers.