Campey Appoints 15 New International Distributors

Campey Turf Care Systems has appointed 15 new dealers across the Middle East and Pan-Asia as part of their new rationalised international dealer network, providing customers with Campey’s renowned service wherever they are in the world.


This new initiative is being Led by Campey Export Sales Manager Nick Brown, the move to expand the international dealer network to 32 has been made to give customers a personalised experience from country to country and ensure they are being advised by professionals who understand their needs.


Nick explains: “We’ve put in 15 new distributors since July of 2020 with more to come, and we’ve enhanced the sales channel – we haven’t taken anything away. I’ve looked at areas where we

haven’t had representation and put a distributor in to work the market instead of just leaving it to one individual who lives in the UK to understand all the different cultures and scenarios.


“I would say by giving one dealer responsibility for Campey products in a given area, you’ve only got one channel, and then they can go out and support the market with the knowledge that they have the full backing of Campey Turf Care Systems.


An early example of this method in action was Nick’s first international trip for Campey’s since his appointment, which had unfortunately coincided with the beginning of lock-down. Together with Lee Morgado, Director for Campey Turf Care, Nick arranged a

demonstration event in the Middle East which brought contractors and clubs together at Trump International in Dubai to experience the Campey product line first hand.


“The Middle East trip was the first time Campey had ever held a demonstration day in the region. We had an excellent turnout, ranging from contractors like SIS, Desert Turfcare, Future Landscapes and representatives from the Troon Golf Courses, Dubai Golf and Trump International, who hosted us.


“For me, the interesting thing was to talk face to face with people and discuss their issues, and when we started speaking about sustainability, the Koro Recycling soon came up. This is a machine that has been out for some years, but they had little to no knowledge of it, and that highlights the importance of what we’re doing because this product has the potential to make a significant difference in their push towards sustainability, with its ability to reuse the sand on golf courses and pitches without the need to import.”


The main revelation from the event is the positive environmental impact the Koro Recycling Dresser can have in the region.



“I think after spending 18 months at home looking after the export region for the business, going back in front of customers is great for us because it is what Campey does best.” says Nick


“Customer relationships are a key part of what I do and what I believe in, and fortunately, the company I work for really believes in it as well. And I didn’t want Campey just to allow the distributors to look after their customers. I wanted to make sure that customers understood that Campey is backing them on the ground with Campey people helping them with demonstrations, helping them with relationships and ultimately building trust between Distribution and the end user.


“I hope as we visit more people in different countries, we can offer a different perspective and deliver practical alternatives with innovative, reliable products. Campeys great customer service will continue to make a difference in these new markets.” Nick concludes”.