Case Study: Using Attraxor for Poa reduction and speed of growth regulation

  • Growth suppression and control of Poa seedheads
  • Overall reduction in turf maintenance and management

Founded in 1896, the course at Shipley Golf Club is neatly tucked away in the beautiful wooded valley of Beckfoot, just outside of Bingley in West Yorkshire. The grounds were designed by renowned architect Dr Alistair Mackenzie and present a testing but scenic 18-hole game.

Chris Wood, Course Manager for Shipley Golf Club, heard about Attraxor’s ability to reduce Poa seedheads through fellow course managers and decided to try it on his greens on a trial basis. Having just completed his first full year of treatment with the plant growth regulator (PGR), he believes it has had a high-quality impact on the greens at Shipley.

Chris said: “I mix 375 grams of Attraxor with 2 kilograms of nitrogen on the greens every 21 days, a routine which has resulted in reduced Poa seedheads and increased growth regulation. I was very impressed with the speed in which it gets working!”

Attraxor is formulated for rapid foliar uptake, as the active PGR ingredient, prohexadione, can get to work in as quickly as four hours post-application. The active substance inhibits the gibberellic acid pathway, resulting in a reduction of turf height and turf biomass. Although it can still be applied in cooler soil conditions of around seven degrees centigrade, the key time to treat turf is March through to September for best results. Chris has been using Attraxor during this main season to support turf growth.

Chris said: “Alongside the decreased Poa, I have also noticed that the grass sward is smoother, resulting in a truer ball roll and increased playability – which is a bonus!”

Attraxor can also decrease time and money spent on turf maintenance due to its ability to regulate longitudinal turf growth, lessening the frequency of mowing and clipping volumes.

Chris said that he had noticed the need to mow less: “We have been able to skip cutting days due to Attraxor’s growth regulating abilities, which has meant my time can be spent doing other key maintenance jobs around the grounds.

“Overall, I believe that Attraxor has increased the quality, regulation and playability of the greens at Shipley, although after some applications the turf did lighten slightly – but this doesn’t last and soon wears off.”


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