Eco Clipper FM4 for sporting grounds

With a range of highly efficient electric powered mowers that can be used at high cutting speeds and in almost all weather conditions, Eco Clipper offers a reliable answer to significantly reduce mowing costs for large areas on sports fields and turf farms.

The Eco Clipper mowing system was originally developed to replace the cylinder mower in turf production. The aim was to retain the cutting performance of a well-tuned cylinder mower, but not the high maintenance costs and sensitivity to mowing conditions, such as wet grass and weeds.


The system

The smooth cutting decks with fast-turning small blades ensure a high quality of cut and a good distribution of clippings. Even in wet grass, the clippings are well distributed. This makes it possible to schedule this mower almost independently of the weather.

Thanks to the electrically driven blades, the mower is very economical and quiet. The large wheels and smart coupling system of the mower decks ensure good contour following and enable high mowing speeds.

Municipalities, sports field and park managers have also discovered the advantages of the Eco Clipper mowing system. For them, Eco Clipper offers the EC-FM4 Sport. This 4.11 m wide mower has four independent mower decks that can be folded independently to mow narrow passages.. Its position in front of the tractor provides excellent visibility and comfort for the tractor driver.


The Benefits

Users report high productivity gains, a factor two compared to 5-gang self-propelled cylinder mowers, and appreciate the low maintenance requirements and the ability to schedule mowing even in less favourable mowing conditions, such as early morning dew and wet autumn.

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