GA Plant take delivery of the first Greenmech EVO 165P SUB-750

GA Plant and Tool Hire in Swindon have become the first company to take delivery of a brand-new EVO 165P SUB-750 woodchipper from GreenMech. Delivering the performance required by domestic and small commercial contractors, the EVO also meets the spec for Owner/Director Angus Lacy-Hulbert when it comes to ease of maintenance, ensuring the machine is serviced and ready for tight hire turnarounds.  

With a 3” chipper on their hire fleet previously, Angus spotted the gap for a larger, road-tow machine and sought advice from local arborists on the options available. “We naturally gravitated to GreenMech. Being British engineered and backing up good product with local service and support is an ethos we like to follow ourselves” explains Angus, who established GA Plant and Tool Hire five years ago. A demonstration of the new 6” SUB-750kg EVO 165P sealed the deal and it was delivered by their local dealer, GA Groundcare, in September 2020.

“One of the major plus points was the ease of maintenance – the EVO has centralised greasing points which keeps the ongoing maintenance quick and simple. We also purchased the blade sharpening unit which means we can sharpen the blades as and when required, in-house, dramatically reducing downtime between hires. Being sub-750kg was critical for our largely domestic client base, delivering powerful performance in a package that can be towed on a standard car license.”

Within a week of delivery, the EVO 165P SUB-750 was out on its first hire – a domestic customer with 12 conifers to process. “Incredibly, the client completed the whole job in under an hour! They returned the machine with the biggest grin, complimenting it not just on performance but how simple and user-friendly it was to operate.”

The GreenMech EVO series sets a new standard for torque, bite and throughput to deliver exactly what is demanded by today’s industry professionals. Originally launched in road-tow format, the EVO 165D was joined by the fixed-track EVO 165DT in Autumn 2019 and then by a higher 45hp Limited-Edition option. The newest SUB-750 machine combines all of the proven EVO performance with a powerful yet economic 37hp B&S Vanguard petrol engine.

Angus concludes, “Together with performance, back up support is also incredibly important for us – our machines ultimately make no money if they’re out of service. Ashley at GA Groundcare is just down the road and is always on the end of the phone, even at weekends, with helpful support and advice if we need it.”