Get set for new synthetic standards with the Redexim Verti-Top™

The understanding of the health and environmental issues associated with artificial surfaces, in particular micro-plastics and polymeric infill, is driving the industry towards a different specification of surface – in turn changing the requirements when it comes to maintenance. In response, Redexim have updated a number of machines across their synthetic portfolio, including their popular Verti-Top, to ensure optimal performance on new pile heights and natural infills.  

Lower pile height and a combination of sand and natural infill such as cork and pine is widely expected to become the industry standard over the next decade. Fields with this natural infill will need more attention than conventional SBR pitches due to their more mobile nature, and increased susceptibility to bacterial and airborne contamination. For maintenance, this means that the conventional approach involving regular brushing will no longer be sufficient to maintain surface performance and player safety.

Cleaning equipment such as the Verti-Top™, previously considered a more ‘specialist’ tool, will therefore become a weekly usage item as grounds staff work more intensely to avoid the health risks associated with natural infill. The Redexim Verti-Top™ utilises a powered rotary brush to sweep the carpet, lift the pile and extract the top 1-15mm of infill, along with any contaminants. The infill is passed over an oscillating sieve to separate any detritus while an integrated vacuum effectively removes smaller particulates such as dust and hair into a washable bag. The cleaned infill is then dropped and brushed back into the surface, leaving a clean, level and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Available in a 1.2m or 1.8m working width, the Verti-Top™ offers a complete cleaning system suitable for all types of synthetic carpet. It is also available in a dedicated Tow Behind format, utilising a 6.5hp engine, thereby increasing versatility and reducing weight by eliminating the requirement of a PTO.