GKB Sandfiller delivers fast, firm greens – in double quick time – for Marc Kerr Ltd

Contractors Marc Kerr Limited have praised the GKB Sandfiller for the benefits it brings to surfaces and operator alike. Combining thatch removal and sand injection in one single pass, Owner Marc Kerr delivered fast, firm and free-draining greens to almost 30 golf courses during 2021, with the Sandfiller getting the job done in a time and cost-effective manner for both contractor and the club.

Marc has been using the Sandfiller for the last five years, conducting work at golf courses and bowling clubs nationwide. “Some methods of organic matter management can be really labour intensive and run the risk of taking the surfaces out of play, which is not ideal given the year-round demand from the members” he explains. Prior to the Sandfiller, Marc was using another machine which required multiple people to operate and left excess spoil and sand on the green which then had to be manually collected when the job was complete. “The speed and efficiency of being able to conduct both operations, single-handedly and leaving a clean and tidy finish was the main reason for the switch.”

The GKB Sandfiller scarifies the surface down to depths of up to 40mm, removing organic matter and creating channels which are simultaneously filled with sand or a combination of sand and seed. The unit also features a 400L hopper to collect the removed material, bringing the surface back into play almost instantly.

“We’re lucky to work with clubs of all levels, with some elite venues calling us in annually or bi-annually to pass over the greens with the Sandfiller. The interesting thing is the different schools of thought around the timing of the operation. Some like it done in the spring, to give them recovery from winter wear and damage and set up strong surfaces for the start of the season. Others like it throughout July and August, where we can mix seed in with the sand to optimise germination. The final group will request a visit in the late autumn, where the lateral aeration and slit slits will allow for better drainage and help the course to sustain winter play.”

He continues, “No matter the timing, the Sandfiller brings multiple benefits to a green, including improved percolation rates and better root growth. This machine has made the job much more time and cost effective and gives the greens teams quick recovery which is absolutely critical.”