Introducing the Eco Clipper FM4 for mowing sports fields

Eco Clipper offers a range of highly efficient electric-powered mowers designed for high cutting speeds and versatile performance in almost all weather conditions. This innovation promises a reliable and cost-effective answer to the demanding task of maintaining large areas on sports fields and turf farms.

The Eco Clipper mowing system was born out of a desire to replace traditional cylinder mowers in turf production. The aim was to retain the cutting precision of a well-tuned cylinder mower while eliminating the associated high maintenance costs and sensitivity to mowing conditions, such as wet grass and weeds.

The basis of this mowing system lies in the smooth cutting decks with fast-turning small blades, which ensure superior cut quality and even distribution of the clippings. Even in wet grass, the clippings are effectively dispersed. Thanks to this feature mowing can be planned almost independently of the weather.


The Eco Clipper stands out as an environmentally conscious choice, thanks to its electrically driven blades that are not only efficient, but also operate whisper quietly. The integration of large wheels and a clever coupling system for the mower decks ensures excellent contour following and allows high mowing speeds, while reducing noise pollution.

Municipalities, sports field managers and contractors were quick to recognise the numerous advantages of the Eco Clipper mowing system. For them, Eco Clipper proudly presents the EC-FM4 Sport, a 4.11-metre-wide mower equipped with four independent mower decks that can be folded independently to navigate through narrow passages. Positioned in front of the tractor, this mower offers excellent visibility and operator comfort, making it a popular machine.

The advantages of the Eco Clipper FM4 are undeniable. Users have reported double the productivity compared to traditional 5-gang self-propelled cylinder mowers. This efficiency is complemented by low maintenance requirements, enabling cost-effective exploration. Perhaps most importantly, the Eco Clipper FM4 allows operators to plan mowing tasks even in less favourable conditions, such as early morning dew and wet autumn days. This allows mowing on time and avoids the subsequent clean-up of clippings.

In an industry where quality and cost-effectiveness are of paramount importance, the Eco Clipper FM4 excels as an innovative solution for mowing sports fields and large lawns.

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