PSP signs new agreement to deliver innovative solutions for professional sprayers

The Professional Sprayers People (PSP) are pleased to announce they have signed a long-term distribution agreement with Guarany Industries, South America’s leading manufacturer of professional backpack and manual spraying equipment.

Guarany, a Brazilian company based in Ito near Sao Paolo, have a 95-year track record of supplying the professional spraying market with a range of innovative equipment which goes beyond liquid spraying to granule application, soil and stem injection and dust and mist distribution. The range also includes a vast array of accessories which boost the utility and versatility of backpack and handheld sprayers.

PSP have an exclusive agreement to distribute the products across the UK, Ireland and Europe and have appointed Melanie Breillat as Business Development Director to take the company forward. Melanie has a background in horticulture and sales and is a fluent French speaker.

Says Director Ivan Zytynski:

 ‘We are excited to bring Guarany’s range of sprayers and applicators into the UK and Europe. They put professional sprayers’ needs first with some completely unique products to combat a range of issues faced by greenkeepers, groundskeepers, horticulture specialists and serious gardeners.

“We have been lucky enough to find Melanie Breillat to lead the business. With her knowledge of the UK and French farming and horticulture sectors, in addition to impressive business credentials, she understands what professional sprayers need and the current problems, such as leatherjackets on golf courses, that they are dealing with.”


To find out more about the range, call:

Melanie on 01273 400092.
Or visit