Trench Bowling Club – The Best Kept Green in Shropshire 2023 – uses a microbial programme from OAS.

Trench Bowling Club in Telford has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary and to top off this special year, has been judged The Best Kept Green in Shropshire 2023. The club has 45 playing members and competes in the Mid-Shropshire Bowling Leagues.


Greenkeeper David Evans and a team of volunteers have been preparing the green since 2014. “The green is in the best condition it has ever been, I want to thank Origin Amenity Solutions (OAS) for their support. In 2018 Symbio was recommended to me by the greenkeepers at Bowring Bowling Club in Wellington, Telford. They were using Symbio products, and the green was in excellent condition. I wanted to move away from synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and work with OAS to produce an integrated management plan. I also wanted to try to make cost savings and reduce the use of topdressing.”


David had several problem areas that he was looking to improve. “I wanted to reduce thatch, improve drainage, reduce dry patch, promote greater root development, sward density, and reduce, but ideally, prevent moss growth during the winter period. I also wanted to improve the overall presentation and reduce the need to top-dress.”


OAS is a leading supplier of professional turf management products and technical advice. The microbial arm of the business specialises in selecting and applying the mycorrhizae, soil bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms found in healthy soil.


With the help of Technical Sales Advisors Jeremy Hughes and Andrew de Wet from OAS several products were recommended, and a programme was compiled which David is happy to share.


“I use Symbio Compost Tea and Fungal Additive monthly from April through to September. I complemented this with CMS Shoot, Super Seaweed, Supa Yucca and Liquid Aeration.

From March through to June, Incision wetting agent is applied and then from September to December, Symbio HydroAid Plus wetting agent. An application of  Mycogro organic granular fertiliser at the start and the end of the playing season, and a turf hardener over the winter period.


David who also doubles as the Club Secretary and Bar Coordinator concludes, “In 2018 we implemented the Origin programme and we have seen a gradual improvement in the playing surface. We have significantly reduced the thatch layer to an acceptable level, improved percolation, and green speed. The areas of dry patch that were prevalent in some areas of the green are no longer a problem. Culminating in an improved root depth and sward density. I am incredibly happy and thoroughly delighted to have independent third-party endorsement after receiving The Best Kept Green in Shropshire 2023.”