Welcome to the post-petrol era

Kress is leading the charge with breakthrough innovation in battery-powered technology, built to deliver the performance and power of petrol. Committed to ensuring the groundskeeping and landscape maintenance industry a zero-emission future, Kress’s unique battery technology makes the transition from petrol to battery-powered outdoor power equipment sustainable, with benefits both for the environment and the users.

Kress has a legacy of excellence and innovation that spans over five decades. This long history of innovation has earned Kress a strong reputation for reliability and quality, setting industry-leading standards. This legacy speaks to Kress’s track record of delivering cutting-edge cordless solutions, without compromising on power.

The Kress range of commercial outdoor power equipment, combined with the remarkable Kress 8-minute CyberSystem batteries, delivers unparalleled power in record time. It’s a revolutionary achievement that establishes a groundbreaking standard for commercial equipment, and is the gateway to transitioning to zero-emission landscaping.

Kress also has an innovative range of robotic mowers. The Kress RTKn robot mowers efficiently operate in parallel lines and autonomously move from an area to another as if they were driven by humans, with no need for boundary wires, or on-site aerials. It’s like having an extra seasoned greenkeeper on your team.


Kress has also recently launched their much-anticipated expansion to the commercial range, with stock set to arrive in time for Spring.

Website: www.Kress.com/en-gb