A switch to Sustane keeps salt under control at Newquay Golf Club

Boasting views of the Atlantic from every hole, Newquay Golf Club has been completing the postcard scenery with picture-perfect greens, thanks to their Suståne organic feeding programme. After making the switch to Suståne three years ago, Course Manager Dan Kendle is reaping the rewards of the lower salt, organic approach across the 18 greens of the links course.

Dan has been at Newquay GC for just over six years and is supported by a team of three. While their Fistral Beach location is undeniably picturesque, the exposed nature brings challenges when it comes to maintenance. “As well as trying to promote traditional fescues, I am keen to explore moving to a more organic approach to reduce salt input and improve overall course sustainability” explains Dan. “I spoke firstly with our local Suståne distributor, Neil Rogers at AGS, who went through the options available and followed this up with support from Suståne’s Regional Manager Russell Riley which confirmed that we wanted to give it a go.”

Formulated especially to assist with the recovery of stressed areas, Dan has been applying Suståne’s
Turf Revival® 6-2-4 twice a year following their main maintenance periods in, normally, March and August. This is then supplemented with two applications of Suståne 5-2-4+Fe in early June and October on the greens, surrounds and aprons. “The results we’ve achieved have been fantastic and since making the switch we’ve definitely noticed an increase in our fescue populations year on year.”

Suståne Turf Revival® 6-2-4 provides complete macro and micronutrients for optimal plant establishment and quick green-up, followed by up to eight weeks of uniform growth and colour. The aerobically composted base material replenishes the soil with a rich supply of humus and mycorrhizal fungi, to improve the uptake of nutrients and boost overall plant health. Its naturally low salt index also allows for healthy root development.

“This combination seems to really suit our links conditions and is providing an excellent base on which to build with other areas of our maintenance programme. We have not experienced any negative effects by switching away from more traditional feeds, if anything the control this gives me over the salinity of my soil profile is a major plus.” Dan concludes, “We’ve been so pleased with the results we’ve had with using Suståne, and it’s a great step in the right direction in our eventual goal of becoming completely chemical free.”