Ariens has the EDGE in zero-turns

The introduction of the EDGE zero-turn mower from Ariens is a landmark in domestic lawn mowing. Manufactured in their UK factory, it reflects the engineering excellence Ariens is known for, and there can be no doubt it looks set to surpass anything else in its class.

Zero-turn mowing in the UK has been steadily growing as the alternative to the conventional lawn tractor. Intuitive, easy-to-use controls coupled with total manoeuvrability mean zero-turns work at speed to outperform most lawn tractors, cutting grass in half the time. The EDGE offers all this and more.

With a zero-turn, you are free to spend less time mowing and more time enjoying your garden. Driven and steered by the rear wheels via two independent transmissions, the easy control levers are all you need to drive, brake, steer and spin on the spot. Zero-turn mowing is fast. You can whizz around at 6 mph, and at the end of the mowing row do a 180-degree turn, align the deck edge with the row you’ve just cut and keep on going. You have reduced the cutting time by 50% over mowing with a lawn tractor. No more turn, reverse, turn again and straighten out and no stopping. Without a lot of forward and backward movement, the result is outstanding cut quality.

All zero-turns do this, but the EDGE brings a host of other benefits to the mowing experience. Ariens has built a tough, durable mower with a wide range of commercial style features at an affordable price. With its Ariens 635cc engine, the EDGE is powerful, but Ariens also build it for comfort. The plush, high-back adjustable seat with natural airflow enhances operator comfort while keeping you cool. Stepping aboard is easier compared to a lawn tractor. You just lift the handles and get seated. All the controls are positioned in ergonomic, easily accessible locations and mostly hand-operated, making this zero-turn simple to use and an effortless driving experience for everyone.

The EDGE comes in two versions: EDGE 34 with an 86cm (34”) cutter deck and the EDGE 42 with a 107cm (42”) deck. The commercial-style, four-point deck hanging system enhances deck stability and robustness for a premium cut quality. There is a foot-operated deck lift for simple changes of deck height. By pushing the pedal forward and using the lever you can select seven from cutting heights, from 3.8cm to 12.7cm (1.5” to 4.5”). The large 50.8cm (20”) high, 20.3cm (8”) wide rear tyres are gentle on turf, delivering excellent traction and absorbing shock on uneven ground to give a smoother, more comfortable ride.

The EDGE comes with a 2-year/150 hours warranty and a range of accessories is available. For more information, visit your local dealer or go to