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Boston Bulbs Wholesale are one of the countries leading suppliers of flower bulbs, grass seed and wildflowers in the UK, with over 45 years’ experience supplying a wide range of products for councils, landscapers, schools, other public bodies, and trusts offering quality products and professional advice.

Flower bulbs are one of natures wonders, they are versatile, easy to grow, extremely popular, good for the environment and are a cost-effective way of adding interest to otherwise under used spaces.

The key is to select the right flower bulbs for the right place and project you have in mind.

Wildflower bulbs are perfect for creating safe havens for pollenating bees, butterflies, moths, and other endangered insects, whether regenerating areas in towns and villages, in woodland settings or small areas set aside for a preservation site, native varieties such as Anemone nemerosa (Wood Anemone), Allium urinum (Wild Garlic), Galanthus nivalis (Single snowdrop) and Hyacinthoides non scripta (English Bluebell) and Narcissus psuedonarcissus thrive in these environments.

While Naturalising Flower bulbs are the simple way to create drifts of intense colour for grassland areas, town and village approaches, roundabouts, verges, golf course and woodland walkways, the sight of daffodils swaying in the breeze is a sight to behold with many councils, landscapers and trusts opting to plant flower bulbs to attract visitors, generate land into areas of interest and for the well being of residents. The benefit of planting daffodils is that they can naturalise freely and will continue to flower for up to 30 years.

When considering planting flower bulbs in grass land or lawns you should plan carefully around any grass cutting programmes you have in place, select varieties that flower in the late winter and early spring periods, this will allow time for the foliage to die back after flowering before cutting starts, this is essential to develop the bulbs for future seasons to come. Crocus, snowdrops, and Wild daffodils are perfect for these situations.

For areas of general interest for impact planting in spring beds, perennial borders, around shrubs, parks, and open spaces the options are wide and varied most flower bulbs will perform in these areas, alliums, hyacinths, narcissus, and tulips are ideal for creating vibrant displays, and companion planting in beds or under planting in containers will extend the period of interest from late winter into early summer.

Boston bulbs wholesale offers a full quote service for large and specialist projects and a comprehensive list of varieties are also available to view on our website Telephone 01775 769333

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