In the summer of 2023, a new generation of airter® will be launched

After more than 3 years of development, Novokraft AG is launching two completely redesigned airter® models.

The novelties are equipped with less vulnerable sensors and a solid technology. The new models are twice as fast and only half as heavy as their predecessors. The new airter® neo clears a football field in about 4 hours, without the need to change lances. (-8cm to -20cm depth quickly and easily without changing, adjustable directly on the machine).

airter® neo 12140

What’s new on the airter® neo 12140

The airter® neo is attached to the tractor’s three-point linkage and runs continuously. It is suitable for large areas such as football fields. The machine is an asset for all contractors and municipalities. The airter® neo is also suitable for large greens that are modelled. The whole carriage can be quickly adjusted to any terrain from 0 to + 4cm height. In addition, all air cylinders can be set for resistance, i.e. the lance stops automatically when a stone is in the working area. This was not possible in the past with the oil hydraulic cylinder.

airter® trike 8140

The airter® neo 12140 won a silver medal at Demopark 2023 in Eisenach / Germany.

What’s new on the airter® trike 8140

The airter® trike runs discontinuously with electric drive and batteries (stop-and-go system). The compressor is driven by a petrol engine. The airter® trike 8140 is more suitable for uneven and inaccessible greens. It is therefore the ideal machine for all golf course operators. However, the airter® trike is also ideally suited for sensitive stadium turf.

From winter 2023/2024, the autonomous airter® trike 8140 A will be launched on the market and will automate maintenance in the stadium or on the golf greens.

The world’s first autonomous deep loosening with compressed air!