New 7.3m MAJOR Swift Rollermower to make its debut at Saltex 2019

Phil Cole at Cotswold Turf Care knows a good mower when he sees one. “The MAJOR Swift is a great performer and always leaves an excellent finish,” Phil nods approvingly. He’s been maintaining the grounds at Cirencester Park Polo Club for nearly 30 years so is particular that the turf provides a safe yet fast playing surface.

The exceptional double-wing design of the new MJ71-730T increases productivity and efficiency without compromising on the quality of cut. “The front and rear rollers ensure we leave a level and striped finish at precisely the right height of cut, every time. It levels the ground back down to its original condition after we’ve had eight or ten horses running over it.”

“Because it’s made of high-strength Strenx® steel, it’s lightweight and avoids compaction, which is beneficial to maintain the best ground condition,” Phil continues. “For a big machine, it is far more manoeuvrable than I expected – it can turn on a sixpence! It is also a very low consumer of power, therefore more economical with fuel.”

“We have a small team, so a reliable wide area mower is essential to alleviate time pressures and reduce costs,” continues Phil. He and his team at Cotswold Turf Care manage equestrian grounds, football and rugby pitches and golf courses, as well as parks across Gloucestershire. The team cuts a minimum of 6000 acres throughout the year. “The 7.3m Swift wings fold to 2.60m, making it great for safe road transportation between multiple sites.It’s about the largest make available that can be safely transported on the road.”

The trailed versions display the MAJOR qualities of durability and low maintenance. “There are no belts – just a strong and simple, heavy-duty driveline with a shear-bolt in the PTO drive,” Phil continues. “The MAJOR Swift is galvanised so it’s going to last us a long time!”

The larger units also have rubber encasing the hinges of each arm. This protects the joints while adding mobility for each wing over uneven ground for a more consistent cut.

Looking the part is just as important as playing the part. “Players and spectators have commented on how good the grounds look,” concludes Phil. “At a recent board meeting, the committee members commented very favourably about our grass cutting and the playing surface.”

See the new 7.3m Swift roller mower at the MAJOR stand (J112) at Saltex 2019 from Oct 30-31 at the NEC Birmingham.