Complete Range of Fertilisers for the Amenity Market

Plater Bio manufactures novel biostimulants and micronutrients for the amenity market. All our products are manufactured exclusively on-site in Glossop, North Derbyshire.

We manufacture natural extracts using a unique manufacturing system without the use of synthetic chemicals, heat or pressure. Our range of natural extracts include cold-press seaweed extracts and liquid gypsum.

We are pioneering organic acid chelation for next generation micronutrient products. We chelate zinc, manganese and iron, with organic acids to improve their availability to turf and soil and reduce the environmental impact of synthetic chelates.
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Phosphorus Liberator

Plater Bio’s Phosphorus Liberator releases phosphorus locked up in the soil as calcium phosphate and makes it available to soil.
Phosphorus Liberator is far more effective and reliable than microbial products that claim to free bound phosphorus and is effective within a wide temperature range.
The product is biodegradable, contains no heavy metals and is not classified as hazardous to the environment. For more information visit

Liquid Gypsum

Plater Bio developed Liquid Gypsum as a soil conditioner that helps soil flocculation, also known as a “soil washing” product.
It aids aggregation, improving workability, drainage and root exploration to support soil establishment.
In this form, it is highly soluble and much more effective than its granular equivalent.

Unlocking Liquid Gypsum’s soil health benefits

Applying gypsum in liquid form could prove beneficial in relieving soil compaction ahead of autumn sowing and can be used to flush out soil pollutants and contaminants during land remediation.
Liquid Gypsum provides calcium which is needed to flocculate clays, binding smaller particles together along with clusters of sand and silt.

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Cold Pressed Seaweed

Cold pressed seaweed extract is an excellent biostimulant for promoting rapid growth during turf establishment.
Our extract is produced without the use of heat or harsh chemicals that can denature unique algal biochemical (such as vitamin B12).
We have exclusive access to a rich source of Ascophyllum nodosum (knotted wrack); the optimum species of seaweed for use in biofertilizer.
More information can be found at or call 01283 792600.

Ferric Ammonium Citrate

Ferric ammonium citrate is a concentrated form of iron, chelated with organic acids for use in correcting soil deficiencies of this key micronutrient.
Ferric ammonium citrate contains 6.5% iron (W/V) chelated with organic acids plus 7.8% nitrogen and 6.5% sulphur.
It is a dark orange coloured liquid with a mild ammonium odour (also available as a spray dried powder if required for powder blending).
While iron sulphate and synthetic aminopolycarboxylate chelates (e.g. EDTA) are widely used to correct iron deficiencies, Ferric Ammonium Citrate provides a number of benefits over conventional formulations, visit to download our technical data sheet.